Collection & Delivery

Document Scanning Company has reliable, vetted and experienced staff that can collect your documents using our own secured vehicle.

The standard cost for collecting and delivering your documents/files will be included in your quotation price. However, an additional charge may also be applicable depending on your location and the quantity of files/boxes involved and if unique requirement are requested.


Documents collection process

  • Arranging an appointment to collect your document files.
  • Placing the documents and files within boxes, (if not already done so).
  • Transporting the files in secured vehicles to our secure premises.
  • Preparing the documents for scanning by removing staples, paper clips, treasury tags, etc.
  • Scanning the documents on the agreed format i.e. PDF TIFF or JPEG.
  • Indexing the files in accordance to your required specification.
  • Ensuring the paper records are either destroyed or returned to you.
  • The documents and files returned to you would be in accordance to agreed strict timing controls.
  • The documents and files that are destroyed are done so securely and confidentially using our shredding partners