Convert physical books into eBook:

Digital Tec Solutions has specialist equipment’s that convert physical books into electronic books, eBook via image scanning. This is a much less time-consuming method than re-typing all of the text. Before scanning became feasible, re-typing was generally the only option.

Convert book to word file:

Once a book has been scanned, the images are available for rapid distribution, reproduction, and on-screen reading. Such book images are commonly stored in PDF or Word.

Cost effective solution:

Digital Tec Solutions can convert your book to word file, eBook is the most efficient and cost effective solution for your business, looking to simplify the task of identifying key information from mass documents.

Rigorous check :

As well as Books, Digital Tec Solutions also scans articles, comics, brochures, catalogues, magazines and newspapers to the highest specifications. Each stage of the scanning process is rigorous check and governs by strict quality controls and procedures.