Document scanning quote

How much paperwork do you have?

Archive boxes

Filing cabinets

Lever arch files

Wallet files

Storage crates


On average, how many pages are in each file?

Dividers? - on average, how many dividers are in each Files/Folders?

Dividers? - on average, how many pages are in each dividers?

What are your Paper size?

What are your Paper Colour?

Grade Definition

In order to make easy for understanding we have divided document scanning into four grades.

Grade A: Run through i.e. no staples, clips, dividers, tags and originals in good condition.
Grade B: Lightly stapled, clipped, divided, tagged and Originals in good condition.
Grade C: Heavily Stapled, Clipped, divided, tagged.
Grade D: Poor conditioned originals, glass work.

What grades would you describe your documents are?

Shredding? - Would you like to shred your documents after scanning?

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Document Scanning Quote